Trade Business

Trade Business

Export business from China and Hong Kong to Japan :We provide escrow service to Japanese importer.

TOGO Trading mainly trades in safe food, organic food, environment-friendly wood and other products.
We deliver high quality, safe and reliable, made-in-Japan products to consumers around the world. As health-consciousness and awareness of the environment protection grow around the world, we are committed to meeting these needs and promoting environmentally friendly production, distribution, and sales.

We are engaged in sales activities to major Asian cities in such as China, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Hong Kong. If you are considering selling to overseas markets, please contact us.

Yiwu OEM Service

Yiwu market-the largest wholesale market in Asia, attracts buyers from all over the world. TOGO Trading provides OEM production, purchasing, agency and support services for Yiwu market. If you are thinking of changing your purchasing route, or if you are new to purchasing from China, TOGO Trading will support you in all overseas purchasing related steps, including product purchasing, distribution management, product inspection, and trading.

The Chinese market, same as the Japanese market, is evolving on a daily basis, but since the majority of Chinese imports take place within China, having an excellent partner is essential to success. In order to respond to the ever-changing market conditions, it is necessary to quickly identify the needs and handle popular products. We believe that rapid response is the key to your sales.

We handle tens of thousands of products. We are also able to produce original products, so please contact us for any questions you may have.

  • OOEM Production

    OEM Production

    With our expertise in the industry, we are able to produce original orders in small lots according to the detailed requirements of our customers.

  • Purchasing Service

    Purchasing Service

    We can purchase not only products from Yiwu market, but also products from other markets such as Taobao and Alibaba on your behalf.

  • Purchase Attendance Service

    Purchase Attendance Service

    We can accompany your purchases at Yiwu market and provide services such as interpretation and guiding.

  • Logistic Service

    Logistic Service

    We provide prompt services in manufacturing, packing, logistic. We also provide smooth support until the arrival of your goods, including advice on customs clearance procedures.

  • Product Research Services

    Product Research Services

    By referring to website link, images and information about the product you are looking for, , we will conduct product research on websites such as Yiwu Market, Taobao, Alibaba, etc., and negotiate with the seller before providing you with quotation.

  • Inspection and Packaging Services

    Inspection and Packaging Services

    After the products arrive at our warehouse, we inspect the products and, if necessary, provide different packaging and delivery methods for each product. We provide a wide range of services to meet the needs of our customers.